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Our style has many faces, always characterised by clean lines and subtle refinement, simplicity and elegance with a quirky twist. More importantly, Contempera is about who you are and about the place you like to create, live or work in.

Welcome to Contempera!

Seven years ago, Contempera kicked-off as a high-end gallery with an impressive art collection of contemporary paintings and sculptures. Art soon joined forces with interior design, as the two come together quite naturally in the living environment. Where art enhances the context, the work in itself also contributes to that same environment, the atmosphere, and the quality of life.

In the years since, we have delivered many ambitious interior design projects. Projects that we are proud of and that our clients happily call home. Always luxurious, never empty five-star design. Always unique, balanced, and liveable.

In looking back, we have gradually prepared for these two natural soulmates’ ultimate homecoming.

Our flagship store at Overtoom 135-137 offers a highly inspirational space for both professionals and private enthusiasts by combining a furniture store, an interior design boutique and comprehensive art collection.

Together with my team of experienced advisors, I very much look forward to welcoming you soon!

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Overtoom 135-137

In our flagship store at Overtoom 135-137, you can experience our ability to create liveable yet exceptional residences of high standard. It is designed to make you feel at home in an inspiring friend’s house, surrounded by elegant furniture, refined fabrics, high-end artworks as well as cool accessories. A real mecca for architects, stylists, art lovers and private enthusiasts in need of inspiration, quality and high, personalised service levels. Where international style harmoniously meets with Dutch no-nonsense.

You are more than welcome from Tuesday through Sunday or on a private appointment.

Whether you are looking for a home accessory, a new piece of furniture or need help with a complete make-over, the motivated and talented Contempera team is ready to advise you.

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The Contempera team is growing

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