Design studio

Together, we create a space that inspires, captivates,
and tells your unique story

Step into the design studio, Contempera's  creative heart. Your personal preferences and space itself form a natural starting point, from which we work together to create something uniquely your own. Inspiring and assisting in decision-making is our expertise.

We'll create your story together.

Step 1

Where your story starts

In our initial consultation, which is entirely free of charge and without obligation, we'll examine the space and listen to your ideas. You'll share useful floor plans, technical details, photos, or videos with us. Together, we'll review the information you provide and move forward. We want to know everything, from your favorite colors and materials to beloved furniture pieces and artworks. These details serve as the foundation for the advice and design we offer.

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Contempera Interiordesign Studio Amsterdam
Contempera Interiordesign Studio Amsterdam
Step 2

A personal touch

With the insights gathered in step 1, we'd love to take you through our showroom. Here, you'll have the opportunity to indicate directly which furniture pieces and styles resonate with you. You can even see and feel materials and fabrics to help you make your choice. This way, the process towards your new interior takes shape and comes to life early on. It's an interactive step that adds your personal touch to the design.

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Step 3

Design comes to life

In this step we'll collaborate with our design team. We share these insights and dive into a lively brainstorm session brimming with creativity - this is where our team shines.

Floor plans and layouts are meticulously developed, while mood boards featuring colors, materials, fabric samples, and references are created. In our 3D design studio, photorealistic images come to life, visually presenting the design that has emerged from our collective efforts.

Within our design studio, preparations are made to unveil the result to you. This is the exciting point where our shared vision begins to materialize.

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Contempera Interiordesign Studio Amsterdam
Contempera Interiordesign Studio Amsterdam
Step 4

The big reveal

You step into our design studio and immediately feel the atmosphere solely created for your new interior. It's as if you're entering your own world, waiting to be explored.

But that's not all. We've prepared something special - a presentation that will show you the result in a surprisingly interactive and tangible way. As we walk through the space(s) together, the design is slowly unveiled, and you can truly experience it.

And you're at the center of it all. Together, we take the time to immerse ourselves fully in your living environment. If something catches your eye, we can make choices right away. If you want to make changes, we're ready to implement them. It's all about creating something that fits you perfectly.

And we save the best for last. The result is not only displayed in the space but also captured in a beautiful book. You can take this book home, so you always have a tangible reminder of this unique process. Or you can share it with family and friends so they can enjoy your new dream interior too.

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Step 5

A well-considered decision

Everything we discussed and discovered together in step 4 is now incorporated into our work. We refine the design and make adjustments if necessary. We strive for perfection so that the final result seamlessly aligns with our shared vision.

Additionally, we prepare a careful quote that includes all the choices we've made together. You'll have a clear understanding of the costs, so you know exactly where you stand.

If you wish, we can schedule a follow-up appointment. This is your opportunity to go over everything again and make a well-considered decision together. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Then, the practical side comes into play. We create a schedule that takes into account lead times. You'll be kept fully informed, so you know exactly when to expect the new elements in your interior.

During this interim period, you'll be updated on the expected delivery week, and if there are any questions in the meantime, we're always here for you. It's an exciting phase as we work towards the result you've been waiting for.

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Contempera Interiordesign Studio Amsterdam
Contempera Interiordesign Studio Amsterdam
Step 6

Everything falls into place

All previous steps now come together like a puzzle. And now it's time for the ultimate service we offer - white glove delivery.

Our dedicated delivery service is always received with high praise. We ensure that you have nothing to worry about and can comfortably sit back and relax.

With skilled technicians at the helm, we not only deliver your new interior but also assemble it on-site. And the best part? We take away all the packaging materials so you can enjoy your new space right away.

At this point, it's time to relax and enjoy the result of our collaboration. There may still be some final details to be filled in - our interior stylists are ready to visit you for the finishing touch. With special accessories and/or art, we complete your story so you can fully enjoy an interior that is completely yours, tailored to who you are.

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"Inspiring spaces, styled to perfection."

Your own style

Personalized styling

With our styling services, we offer a creative opportunity to fully style your space according to your preferences. Our team creates an atmosphere that perfectly aligns with your style. Whether it's a home, office, or lobby, we ensure that the space is meticulously designed down to the smallest details. With our extensive collection of art, furniture, and unique accessories, we provide everything needed to transform the space.

Contempera Interiordesign Studio Amsterdam

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