Interior design & art: natural soulmates

Contempera has a private art collection and sells works in consultation. We have 1000+ pieces of art from various artists. Most of them originate from Spain and they all have their own signature styles. Our artists have been exhibited in various exhibitions or museums. With professional art advice we hope to guide you in creating the match to fit your desire.


contempera damia diaz

The engagement with the visual arts for Díaz developed working with great Spanish masters as Antoni Tàpies and Miquel Barceló. He began to expand his practice of drawing and painting and embraced video, installation and interventions as well. This led to a greater concern for architecture and site-specific projects. His work reflects the interest in man-kind and the world we live in. For Díaz this is a constant inspiration and a journey to discover. His international career shows the investigation to bring modernity together with humanism, art classism and the baroque heritage. He deals with certain repeating concepts that are part of society, such as nature, mockery, balance, or silence. These concepts are inside his thoughts and it is amazing how they are reflections and sometimes premonitions of our time.

His exhibitions are also a part of his creative process. He likes to create a dialogue among the artwork, the viewer and the space. Some pieces in the collection have been shown in international museum exhibitions. 

contempera juan barbera

The revival of Spanish figurative art in the 80’s was the key to Barbera’s development as an artist. His expressive style forces the viewer to observe the meaning of his work. It is a mix of storytelling and painterly abstraction. He is inspired by life in general, but especially by interaction between people. This can be in relation to religion, non-western cultures, love, addiction, or worship. 

He is very versatile as an artist and he consistently experiments with new techniques and materials. His strong brush strokes, well thought- out colouring and explicit figuration can be found on a canvas or on recycled materials such as a paint cans. He has had many exhibitions in museums in Spain.

cotempera joseph vallribera

Growing up during the 1950’s Vallribera was inspired by the artistic atmosphere of the time. Abstract expressionism, a form of painting that explored notions of spirituality and the sublime. Later in the 80’s he was looking for transformation, innovation and breaking loose from the strict formal art that dominated and he took the chance to express his dynamic style. For a great deal Vallribera’s work is about the essence of life. As an alchemist he likes to reinterpret things and look at the symbolic and iconographic elements. He deals with divers abstract themes without them having to connect in a certain sense. He works with different techniques and media experimenting and joining different artistic practices. 

It is all about taking action- big or small gestures- and that for him is one of the purposes of life.

contempera pep duran

Creating objects that confirm and record existence is what Duran loves to do. They are petrified stories, solidified moments and stagings of solitude. These bronze still-life compositions are an eclectic array of different objects creating an archaeological trace that invites us to come up close, touch its surface and explore the sculptural element. In stacking these items, either from the artist’s archive or manipulated, the artist infuses them with new life and meaning, creating narratives without an argument, a theatre play without words. The piece seems to be trying to tell us an inner story that represents the past. The work is meant to be a reflection helping us to position ourselves in relation to the contemporary world. 

As the artist explains: “The pieces in this series are like silent scenes, like assembly of personal maps that push the concepts of construction and representation”.

claudio duarte

The dynamic way the fierce brushstrokes lead the viewer through the work are typical for Duarte. Also the use of a brown paper surface and just a few colour tones show the talent to express a lot in quick, expressive gestures. His work depicts different scenes, from sensual minimal black lined silhouettes, mythological mysterious imagery in a few colour tones or colourful poetic works based on the poems of Pablo Neruda. For Duarte the female body a constant object for observation.

Depicted in an abstract manner or sometimes in a vague suggestive way. He opens a universe with references to modern masters as Picasso, Matisse and Aboriginal art.

contempera alisa lim-a-po

Abstraction, layered structures, and unity of form and colour are essential factors in Lim A Po's work. In her ‘Elements’, she uses an organic visual language, in which associations with flourishing and decay, the transience of beauty, and her appreciation for nature arise naturally. In predetermined frameworks a spatial layering originates, in which the relationship between colour and form is decisive and of great significance. The ‘Elements’ have a great abstraction through their sharp lines and fragmentary imagery. The playful act between surface, texture and light gives an additional edginess to the works.

In her ‘Cut-outs’ she creates collages by layering various painted pieces of canvas. The processes of demolition and construction consecutively follow in one another, until eventually a symbiotic fusion of organic shapes manifests itself. In her latest works she reduces the colour more and more and it evolved to the new series ‘Monochromes’. In these works contrast, the interplay between light and dark is the essence. In these gradations, is where the magic happens.

When creating an interior, choosing the colour palette is usually the place to begin. If you have trouble deciding on a colour scheme, a beloved piece of art is a great way of getting you in the right direction. It can provide you with both a palette and design direction to work with. 

Letting inspiration derive from an artwork can increase the impact of colour, texture or design in your interior. By working from this angle, Contempera creates a perfectly harmonious balance.

Our prime focus is combining interior and art. We’re also familiar with working with existing art collections and selecting the right new pieces to add and helping you create a new total concept. 

Let us help you with the finishing touch. 

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